This work is for the person who is ready for radical transformation.

The person who is tired of walking through life on “auto-pilot.”

This work is for the person who is ready to dive inward and uncover all of the blocks stopping them from achieving anything they want in life.

The person who is searching for that missing piece.

This work is for the person who no longer wants to be a victim to their mind and thoughts.

The person ready to take hold of their future by becoming completely present in the NOW moment.

Or maybe, you’re the person who is simply tired of what society has been shoving down our throats and you’ve been lead to this work looking for a new perspective and way of life.

This work is for the person seeking balance and flow throughout their life.

The person who is ready to find joy and feel all of the unconditional love the universe has to offer.

The person ready for the journey ahead.

The person ready to take charge of their life.


Hello, amazingly brave soul! I see you and feel you already; and I must say, you are something special for even reading thus far!


Because it means YOU are the one I’ve been talking about! You are the one ready to transform their entire life by transforming themselves first!

I’m so excited for you!

Want to work together!? Check out my services below 🙂

Sessions of the Soul   

Private Mentoring and Healing (available for 1-on-1 or pairs and small groups) 

In our intimate one-on-one Sessions of the Soul, you and I will work together to help untangle your mind, heart, body, and soul. I am ever and always simply your mirror, allowing you the opportunity to uncover limiting beliefs you’ve been holding onto, judgments you’ve been making, insecurities you’ve allowed to run your life, and all blockages preventing you from living a full life. Once we bring these “falsities”  into the light and clear them from your being, you will be free to live the desired life you dream of! As we discuss Universal Truths and the way of the world together, you gain a road map to life. Leaving you more equipped, more evolved, and more inspired to live a joyous life! 

  • Initial Session 2-2.5hrs (includes clearing) $225
  • Session rhythm thereafter to be determined based on client desire 
  • Hour Rate $100

Energy Work

Private Healing (available for 1-on-1 or pairs and small groups)

Limiting beliefs, traumas, judgments, fears, worries, etc., all create and store negative energy within our physical body as well as within our 7 energy fields. These stored energies create blocks to our well-being and cause havoc in our lives. After helping you see where these blocks live, as well as, how they are affecting your life, I will clear these energies from you, giving you full access to your highest and truest self!  

  • Hour Rate $100
  • Session length varies; we can’t put a time limit on Spirit! 

Empowerment Series 

Group Workshops  

In our Empowerment Series, we dive deep. We’ll be discovering who we truly are in workshops held every few months with varying topics based on the need of the collective consciousness; the Empowerment Series will always be right on time for exactly what YOU need. As we hold space for each other in an intimate and open environment, we realize we are not alone. Finding comfort in our similarities, you will learn just how powerful healing in a group setting truly is.

Next Empowerment Series – Leggo Your Ego  

Through conscious conversation, meditations, exercises of reflection and journaling, we’ll take a dive inward gaining not only true understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.  Build a connection to who you are and what makes your rockets soar! Get clear about the life you want for yourself, ridding yourself of old patterns, habits, and limiting or negative thinking! Learn how to find honest forgiveness for yourself and others in order for you to be free to create the life of your dreams! With the new year just underway, isn’t this the most opportune time to do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT?! Who’s ready for transformation!? 

  • Empowerment Series – Leggo Your Ego  
  • Sunday 1/20/19 
  • 10am – 1pm held in Sherman Oaks, CA
  • $125 per person  

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