Who am I? What a loaded question! It’s so funny, as I sit down to write my “About Me” page for this here website, I am greeted with sweaty palms and knots in my stomach! My insecurities are knocking at the door and I am reminded of exactly why I went into this work in the first place – inner strength!

A product of the late 80’s, I was raised in your typical suburban home, loving and caring parents included, in sunny Southern California. My Dad was the CFO of a successful company so we lived a middle/ upper-class lifestyle. My Mom took care of my brother (who falls on the autism spectrum) and I; we didn’t have to worry much at all. I found and fell in love with dance at the age of 9, which carried me through all the way to college where I then received my degree in Kinesiology. I had a number of boyfriends – some good, some bad, some really bad. I would always have a few close friends around, so my social life was pretty decent. There were a few opportunities to travel and do cool shit, so I did. You see, on paper, my life looked pretty damn good. Privileged, caucasian girl grows up dancing and living a well-off lifestyle without a single care in the world! Sounds nice, right?

Here’s the kicker – beneath all of that surface crap, was a girl slowly retreating. A girl who thought so low of herself, she didn’t understand why she should live one more day. A girl who believed that life was just that hard, so why even fight? A girl who didn’t know her purpose or the purpose of life in general. A girl who suffered from panic attacks and social anxiety. A girl who was in so much pain, she lacked hope, faith, and trust in herself and those around her.

I quickly learned that I wasn’t alone. There are so many of us painting the picture of happiness on the outside while covering the pain and sorrow on the inside; yet for me, this just wasn’t working.

Desperate for answers, relief, and hope – I wish I could say that I was the one who found spirituality, but in fact, spirituality found me! After a series of events that could only be explained by divine intervention, I couldn’t turn away any longer. I couldn’t live in denial any longer. I couldn’t ignore the deep yearning inside of me that was screaming, “there has to be more than this!”

Just when I thought life was going to mellow out, and I was going to finally live the dream life I’d always wanted – my Mom passed away. Experiencing the death of someone so close and so important and at such a young age, was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Death, loss, and grief – beat me up, broke me down, and built me back up, stronger than ever before.

Through the darkness, I learned that there is light. Light in each and every one of us. Light that is always available to us. Light that heals and sends love. Light that connects each of us to our highest self.

This has become my mission. To help people, just like you, out of the darkness and into the light. Out of the pain and into the joy. Out of the sorrow and into the excitement of life.

I will share with and guide you, using techniques and teachings from my own personal transformation journey. As a certified Thought Coach, with the Institute For Transformational Thinking, I will teach you the 4 – step transformational thinking process and you will begin to uncover all of the answers you desire.

You will learn to work through your past rather than avoid it. You will become empowered to take charge of every aspect of your life, releasing all toxicity and blocks. You will become aligned with the steady stream of joy that is available to you. Together, we will build a sacred space, allowing for a supportive and uplifting community!

If you’ve read this far, then let me just say, welcome to the family! You’ve been called to something greater, and you need to look no further.

You’re ready to dive inward. You’re ready for a breakthrough. You’re ready to transform.

You’re not alone anymore beautiful soul. I am praying for you and holding space for you every day! Let me be there to show you just how incredible this life is we are so privileged to live!

Always With Gratitude and Love,