Alignment: You’ve Been Worried About the Wrong Self


It’s almost become a buzz word now, hasn’t it? 

C’mon, you’ve definitely heard it before! 

“Find alignment with one’s self.” 

Or what about… 

“Inner alignment means true peace.” 

And then there’s… 

“When you’re in alignment with your inner being, everything simply flows.” 

We’re all hearing about this alignment thing, all the damn time! 

So what is it? Is it bullshit? Another ploy in the self-help industry? Another way for society to feed into the disaster that is, the mental health world??

Honestly, I’m here to tell you that none of the above are true! 

In fact, alignment to your intuition/your gut response/your inner voice/your truest self, should be your only and ever concern. 


Oh, I’m so happy you asked!! 

Ok, so here’s a little secret – each one of us has a Higher Self (think of it as a ball of energy that is still a part of us, just vibrating at a much higher frequency) that resides just above our physical body. 

Now, you can choose to question me and the thousands of years of history that support me or, you can choose to simply have FAITH and TRUST that this is absolutely true and thousands of years of teachings wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t so! 

Nice! I’m very pleased to hear that you are choosing to simply trust me here! 😉 

Let’s take this all a step further… 

We decided, together, that there is a Higher Self residing above you, now we must also decide that anything you have ever wanted or desired is already out in the Universe for you to have/experience! 

Again you think this is nuts – but it is the law! The law of the Universe! The law of attraction! 

See, we are just energetic beings you and I, and whenever we have a desire, whether it be big or small, out loud or silent within, there is an energetic signal sent out into the Universe so that it may begin the creation of your desire. 

This happens every time you want something – good or bad, knowing or unknowing. 

Every. Single. Time. Period. 

So what does this mean!? 

It means you better be deliberate and positive in your wanting, and you better make sure you are in ALIGNMENT with your Higher Self because it can see the path of least resistance towards your already manifested desire!! 

Your Higher Self has a bird’s eye view, so to speak, of how you can get from A to B. 

How do you listen to the guidance of your Higher Self?? 

You understand your intuition and gut response, for your Higher Self communicates via your intuition and gut response! 

Oh c’mon, that is fucking dope! 

Let’s put this into human vibes… 

Step 1 – you have a higher self 

Step 2 – everything you want is already out for you to have 

Step 3 – your higher self can see the path to what you want 

Step 4 – align to your intuition to hear your higher self

Step 5 – follow guidance of intuition 

Step 6 – get what you want 

Boom! Do you see now that your only and ever concern is your alignment to yourself?! 

In the alignment to your inner self, you will be connected to your Higher Self who can see the path so clearly to what you desire! Decisions become easy, choices become clear, you will begin meeting all of the right people at the exact right time, almost bumping right into them! 

Life will simply flow and you have zero worries or concerns because you trust and have faith in the guidance of your higher self! 

Take the weight of the world off your shoulders my sweet soul – concern yourself only with the alignment to your inner being!! 


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